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Bléu Truck LA

The Bleu Truck has been cruising the sunny streets of Southern California since 2017. Chef Grubby made a name for his self as his Famous Surf n Turf Garlic Noodles made a major impact on his customers, New and old. The truck travels from South Central, Long Beach, Orange County, Inland Empire and the High Desert. The Bleu Truck is known for its bold asian infused flavors made to order with the best quality ingredients. The Bleu Truck can accommodate all events ranging from parties, concerts, food markets, Corporate luncheons and more!


Bleu Kitchen Garlic Noodle Bar LV

With the success of Chef Grubby's famous food truck in Los Angeles Ca. It was only right to take this concept to out of state for its first brick and mortar. 

In 2021 Chef Grubby opened Bleu Kitchen Garlic Noodle Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. A new sit down full service restaurant of Chef's new elevated Surf n turf Garlic Noodles with all your favorite proteins and veggies and some new added fan favorites like Lamb Chops and Oysters. Date night vibes and great music to set the mood.

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